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headshot-charlie-cumminsCharlie Cummins MS, LPC and President of Life Transitions Consulting, is a counselor, coach, consultant, author and speaker with over twenty years experience in helping individuals and organizations. A unique combination of personal and professional skills equips him to present success principles that help people maximize the use of their number one resource – themselves.

Mr. Cummins acquired his Master’s in Science degree from Georgia State University and doctoral studies in clinical psychology at the Adler School of Psychology in Chicago. Subsequently he has developed health programs on a national level and served as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

An adventurer whose personal passions include martial arts, sky-diving, and the outdoors, Mr. Cummins is an avid student of Eastern philosophy and spiritual studies. As a presentation leader, these traits and experiences guide his audience in techniques designed to overcome adversity, enhance self-reliance and improve the quality of human life.

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